Miguel Palenzuela
PhD Student

BIO: I started my career as a researcher when I obtained a grant as an Erasmus student to stay in Bob Baker’s lab in Trinity College Dublin. In the TCD we were investigating for a year about PFOA removing from aqueous samples with perfluorinated compounds through non-covalent fluorine-fluorine interactions to submit at the end of the school year the final report needed to get the undergraduate degree title in Chemistry. Then I moved back to Alcalá de Henares to study the postgraduate Master in Investigation in Science, in the laboratory of Organometallic Chemistry under the supervision of Marta E. G. Mosquera. Once finished the Postgraduate Master Degree, I was hired in this same group at the University of Alcalá until I was awarded with a PhD grant. Nowadays, I am developing my investigation as a PhD student funded by a FPI-UAH grant since March 2018 in Mosquera’s lab. Our research work is focused in the areas of catalysis in polymerization processes of polar monomers and in small molecules activation reactions.