Dra. Vanessa Tabernero


BIO: PhD in Chemistry in the University of Alcalá where she is currently Lecturer (Associate Professor) and Dean of Chemistry studies. She has also done research stays in the Universitá degli Studi di Salerno (Italy) in Prof. Dr. Alfonso Grassi´s group who is a well-known expert in polymerization studies. Her area of expertise is focused in the preparation of alkali and early transition metal derivatives and the study of their activity in polymerization reactions, particularly cyclic ethers and olefins catalysis. As well she has developed a research line oriented to the modification of clays to create solid acid catalysts. Currently, her studies are focused on obtaining bioplastics from terpenes as monomers by controlled catalytic processes. Tabernero is the author of 26 publications and has supervised three PhD and several Master’s thesis.