• July 2023, the First Inorganic Chemistry Symposium in the beautiful town of Sigüenza, has been organized by our department. A fantastic day full of great chemistry and discussions

• June 2023, at the RSEQ Bienal in Zaragoza, fantastic opportunity to show our chemistry, on main group catalysts for polymerization and CO2 activation

• June 2023, last day of Marino with us, it has been great having you as part of the team! 

• May 2023, fantastic news!! It is out!! Our latest work on Group 13 salphen catalysts for cyclic carbonate synthesis from CO2, feature as a cover! Great artwork!

• May 2023, we welcome Adrian Leones, a new postdoc in our group to work on the HYBPOWER project

• May 2023, the yearly visit of the Sheffield MS students is back!. Great to have you here and to update each other with the latest developments in our researcher labs. Many thanks for the fruitful discussions. Sunny days and fun are waiting for the next 2024 schedule!

• April 2023, our review on cyclic thiocarbonates has been published! Great job team!

• April 2023, attending the Workshop From Science to Society (FS2S) organized by Fundación del Rafael del Pino for researchers ad entrepreneurs at Cambridge University. Great opportunity to learn and enjoy!

• March 2023, very happy to join the I Research Meeting with Gender Perspective: Equal leadership in Science, at the University of Alcala

• March 2023, visit to the National Centre for Hydrogen in Puertollano, within the Master Chemistry for Energy and Sustainability. Quite impressive to see the Hydrogen station

• March 2023, a new member of the team, Hermann Pinson from Rennes University to develop his Master Thesis in our groups. He will be with us for five months. Welcome!

• February 2023, SUSPOL joins the Green Entrepreneurial LAB (GreenLAB) from the Fundación INCYDE and Fundación J.P. Morgan

• January 2023, great news, SUSPOL is the wining team for the program get IMPULSE from GVP


• January 2023, starting the year presenting our latest work in the GE3C meeting. Great presentations from Christian, David, Joan and Jesus, in a fantastic meeting

• December 2022, celebrating our group Christmas lunch in our local Indian-Nepali restaurant that happens to be a fantastic one! Happy Christmas and Happy 2023!

• December 2022, two in the same month! Another paper on non-covalent interactions accepted! Great collaboration with Jorge Echeverria. In this paper we show that short contacts between alkali metal cations and methyl groups in aluminates, traditionally considered agostic interactions, can be rationalized in terms of an electron-rich carbon atoms

• December 2022, SUSPOL Polímeros Sostenibles SL, the spin-off company from SOSCATCOM group has been established by Miguel Palenzuela, the CEO of the new company

• December 2022, kick off meeting for the TED project Tailor-made polymeric systems for improved compatibility in piezomagnetic hybrid composites integrating ferroelectric oxide thin films for multisource energy harvesting (HYBPOWER) at the ICMM. Looking forward new and exciting results with these fantastic collaborators

• December 2022, a new paper on non-covalent interactions accepted! Coming from a great collaboration with A. Frontera on σ-Hole triel bonds in aluminium derivatives

• November 2022, at the XVIII Young Researcher in Chemistry Symposium. We could present our work in this very dynamic Symposium in the beautiful town of Seville

• October 2022, joining “Sustainable Plastics of the Future” at Oxford Martin School Lecture Theatre. Fantastic event with a great discussion on sustainable platics. Many thanks for the invitation

• October 2022, a new doctor in the group! Miguel defended his thesis with flying colours. Congratulations Dr. Miguel Palenzuela. Many thanks to the panel, Arjan Kleij, Fernando Vidal and Vanessa Tabernero for a fruitful chemistry discussion

• October 2022, we welcome four researchers thanks to the INVESTIGO program: Asier, Diego, Jorge and Ramiro. The team gets stronger!

• September 2022, very sad to say good-by to Licia, it has been great to have you in the team! All the best for your PhD in Italy.

• September 2022, at the EuCHEMs in Lisbon.

• August 2022, great way of coming back to work, attending the ICCC in Rimini. Very pleased to present our work

• July 2022, fantastic news, Dr Valentina Sessini, GET-COFUND Marie Curie Fellow in our group has been awarded the Ramon y Cajal fellowship, Congratulations!!

• June 2022, finally, we could meet in person at the RSEQ Bienal in Granada. Great to see lots of friends again and meet new ones. Along with an amazing scientific program. Most of the team where there presenting our work. Well done!!

• June 2002, at the Crystallization contest at the UAM. Great day with the very motivated secondary school students. Many thanks to the UAM team for hosting a great final

• May 2022, we presented our work at the GEP-SLAP conference in San Sebastian. A great conference in a fantastic city!

• April 2022, Licia from University of Salerno is joining us to perform her Erasmus Traineeship. Welcome to our group!

• February 2022, saying goodbye to Yolanda from the Universita’ degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, it was great to have you in the team! Wishing you all the best for your career.

• January 2022, we are delighted to welcome a new face to the group, Carlos Diez has join us as new postdoctoral researcher.

December 2021, our SUSPOL iniciative has been awarded as the best project for a spin-off.

• November 2021, Presenting our activity about Bioplastics to Secondary School students in the Science Week at Alcalá University. 


• October 2021, very glad to be invited to the Mobile Week in Alcala de Henares to present our project BIOPOLREX. 

• September 2021, fantastic XVII Simposio de Investigadores Jóvenes RSEQ (Alcalá de Henares, 2021), finally we could present our work on-site. Well done all!

EuCOMC XXIV on-line was celebrated in September 2021, very happy to have welcomed from Alcala.


• Joining GEQONOVEL meeting on the 25th of March.

• Presenting our work at GE3C in January. 

• Our Project BIOPOLREX is on the media:

    2. – 11-Febrero-2021. Onda Cero, Mas de uno Alcalá
    3. – 3- Octubre 2020. El Diario.Es, edición Castilla- La Mancha
    4. – 18-06-2020. Cadena Ser. Hoy por Hoy Henares
    5. – 2-06-2020. Diario El Mundo, edición Castilla-Leon
    6. – (22-Abril-2020) Emisora León Cadena COPE
    7. – (22-Abril-2020) Edición digital de DIARIO DE LEÓN
    8. – (22-Abril-2020) Diario digital AHORA LEÓN
    9. – (22-Abril-2020) Diario ASTORGA DIGITAL
    10. – (22-Abril-2020) Revista digital FMO INFLUENCER
    11. – (22-Abril-2020) AGRONEWS
    12. – (22-Abril-2020) Digital BIERZO TV

Very proud to have participated in the Organization of the 1st UK-Spain Organometallic Chemistry Symposium  that took place in Alcala in September 2019.

Very happy to host the IV CHAOS COST action meeting in March 2018.